Consejos para prevenir la caída del cabello: el masaje craneal.

Tips to prevent hair loss: cranial massage.

Today we want to provide another wonderful resource, an excellent recommendation, to continue helping ourselves in the work of promoting good hair health.
When we have a hair problem, the current dynamic to solve it is usually to turn to the experts, be it a dermatologist or another specialist. In other words, it seems that we are clear that we personally cannot take care of our own hair care.

In Elena Bust | Essential Beauty offers you information and knowledge so that you know how to prevent and even correct certain hair disorders. 

With this we do not mean that in some specific circumstances it is not necessary to resort to specialists, but we do assure you that there are ways of acting that we are going to explain to you, before making that consultation.
There is no doubt that sometimes a proper diagnosis can be of great help. But be careful, this diagnosis is the result of an analysis of the symptoms and many times it subjects us to a kind of sentence and leaves us without the opportunity to act on our own.
In our opinion, a diagnosis does not have to imply a prognosis.
The purpose of many conventional treatments is to combat these "symptoms" locally.
For example, they can make dandruff or seborrhea disappear in the blink of an eye, but what is the source of the problem? It is possible that the immediate result treatment that we use is so aggressive that it causes sudden hair loss. We know this happens.

The philosophy of Elena Busto | Essential Beauty is aimed at achieving balance in the scalp, which will regulate its activity in a natural and progressive way and thus solve problems in a lasting way.

Reyes Ocón has satisfactorily solved the problems of his clients and leaves us the testimony that our advice is fulfilled:

We must also know the importance of preventive action.
Today I am going to present one of these tips to prevent hair loss, really effective and easy to put into practice: head massage. 
It is necessary to understand that miracles of immediate results do not exist . The important thing is to change some habits, here you can see our article where I give you tips to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss , and use effective natural products and put our advice into practice today.
With this we can guarantee a notable improvement after several weeks.
When we perform daily and constantly a capillary or cranial massage -either self-massage or applied by another person- we will favor these three vital points:

  1. The relaxation of the area
  2. increased irrigation
  3. Stimulation of blood flow

The first prevents hair loss because the tension in the scalp favors its loss . And the next two facilitate the arrival of more nutrients to the blood of the hair follicle.
There are already many centers dedicated to hair care that use cranial massage as a treatment. But if we want to practice self-massage, we must know some guidelines to do it correctly.
Would you find a video tutorial interesting to learn how to massage the head?
Leave your answer in comments.
In Ayurveda, you can see the Shiro Champi massage, very effective against hair loss.
Here we propose some short introductory videos to this massage. The videos were recorded at the ecological hairdressing congress and practiced by Raju Gohel.
Raju, an expert in Ayurveda, explained to us that in India it is a family tradition to apply this massage before going to bed . And perhaps this tradition has something to do with the well-known quality and beauty of Indian hair.


What is recommended to alleviate hair loss is a daily massage application using the Dynamic spray (does not need rinsing) or No Frizz ( if the amount is not excessive, it is not necessary to wash the hair either ) and let the product act. 

White Orchid is a line designed to protect, provide, balance, and redirect hair and scalp to their optimal natural state for good hair health.

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