I am Elena Busto, founder of this unique brand of natural and organic hair cosmetics.

'I thank nature for its immense generosity in allowing me to extract all the healing power and beauty of the flowers and plants that make up its essence.'

This is what inspired me to create this project.

  • Commitment

    With sustainability. All products are natural, vegan. The contents are biodegradable and we use 100% recyclable packaging.

  • Beauty

    I like to help people feel and look beautiful.

  • Knowledge

    Of the purest elements of nature; Bach flowers, flower essences that provide the perfect balance between beauty and health.


    My passion for the natural, the organic world and flower essences, led me to found this brand "Elena Busto-Essential Beauty" , in order to help people like you and beauty professionals to find the perfect balance between hair beauty, health and sustainability.


    Carefully analyzing all the ingredients that are incorporated into each of the products, seeking to extract the best essences and extracts that nature offers us and innovating, that is why I have incorporated the Bach flowers and different flower essences, seeking to enhance the synergies of each ingredient, so that you can enjoy the benefits, both in the beauty of your hair and in your health .

This is how White Orchid came to be


The story behind the brand

From a very young age I moved in search of harmony between the soul and the mind . This union is reflected in beauty and aesthetics . I have also been an advocate of respect for everything that surrounds me; This was the impulse that made me use natural and ecological products whenever possible in food, personal and household hygiene and, of course, in beauty.

  • Commitment to your health and that of the planet

    Discover effective, natural and ecological cosmetics in our White Orchid range. Professional category hair products, for you. Respectful with the environment, who take care of beauty and hair health and in a responsible way.

    Learn about our commitment to the planet .

A little more...

What at first exclusively affected my private life expanded to my professional life. This is how my way of life was united, with my vocation and my profession . I started working with organic and natural cosmetic products.

The work of representative of organic and natural cosmetic products brought me closer to the world of hairdressing. That was the discovery of a universe that until then he barely knew and only as a client. I discovered a very vocational job, in which professionals put passion, dedication and knowledge and we as clients are looking for beauty and good results.

Until then, out of conviction, it was very important for me to convey to the world the message that it is possible to take care of yourself eco-naturally , that we have at our fingertips and thanks to Mother Nature, all the necessary possibilities for body, facial and facial care. capillary.

So this personal challenge became stronger when I got behind the scenes of hairdressers, where products with aggressive and harmful ingredients abound, which affect the health of our scalp and our hair and even affect the health of professionals for your daily contact with these harmful substances. These circumstances were really the ones that showed me a mission in life: I made the firm intention of transmitting the message that the beauty and health of the hair are possible thanks to the use of natural and vegan ingredients.

In each of my products I seek to achieve a balance between the health, beauty and sustainability of the planet, by creating more natural, healthy and highly effective products.

And so this incredible line of professional category hair products was born that you can enjoy by accessing here: