Elena Busto y White Orchid, la marca cosmética capilar del futuro.

Elena Busto and White Orchid, the hair cosmetic brand of the future.

A new concept of beauty, a quantum leap that places us, on the one hand, in the future, in something that now seems new, and, on the other, in the ancestral, at "home", in the intimate, the recognizable, the that we all carry inside.
Of course, we will always go hand in hand with nature, that's for sure. But not in any way.
Because Elena Busto does not add to cosmetics or a way of making fashionable cosmetics. We know that today everything that has words like natural, bio, eco is trend and fashion, but what we don't know about most products is what is really inside the jar.
For this reason, from here, we want to tell you how we make our cosmetics, how we choose the formulas, the selection of the raw material, the way to make each of our products.
And we are not going to tell you that, with care, affection, care and full attention, which, of course, are basic "ingredients" present in the entire process. No. That would be telling only one part, very important of course, but not definitive.

What we want to tell you are many other things

that add up to the final result.

For example, let's talk about an essential oil. We know that we want it properly extracted, such as steam distillation or pressing . And that what we do not want is that chemical solvents are used to do it. Of course, we do not want them artificial or synthetic. But we like to go further.
Answer this question, do you think that a flower grown in a greenhouse, hastening the flowering period, in a soil created for a higher yield will be the same as the same flower that grows in a natural environment, receiving the sun, the wind, the rain, in a living land, full of life and harvested at the optimum moment according to each case?
If the answer is yes, then the story ends here. But if it is no, then there is another question, do you think that the essential oil that is extracted from that greenhouse flower will be the same as the other one?
Well obviously no, it won't be the same. In all this process is the character that this flower will have, its richness in properties, its color, its aroma, EVERYTHING.
So when we add one essential oil or another to a formula, it is easily understandable how effective that product will be, since the quality and quantity of the active principles present vary, and now we know why.

This is one of the values ​​of our brand.

For this reason, when we say that our Revital Raw shampoo can help us with hair loss, it is, among other reasons, because it contains Virginia Cedar EO , ​​the best essential oil to prevent hair loss, because it effectively stimulates blood circulation towards the hair follicle. And it is because of the quality of this oil that we know that the molecules that are going to influence precisely that help we are looking for will be present.  
Isn't the plant kingdom fascinating?
For Elena Busto it is, which is why our formulas are, worth the redundancy, fascinating.

Each ingredient adds to the one before and after,

none is by chance.

So, if we return to the beginning of the text, where we said that we were not going to talk about mime, affection, etc..., it is because they are implicit. How can someone who grows their plants and flowers in this way, respecting the cycles of the earth, harvesting them at dawn or when the best time is, is not also adding affection, care and excellence? It could not be otherwise.
What we have told you about an essential oil is valid for each and every one of the ingredients in our formulas.
And if all those active principles together already form a wonderful melody, we will tell you what happens when we add the resonance of a Floral Essence.
Yes, we are talking about the new cosmetics, the hair cosmetics of the future, the cosmetics that are already here for you.
Author cosmetics, 100% natural and eco.
Prestige brand and high quality.
“I have been in the profession for more than 30 years and more than 13 dedicating myself to hair health, scalp and hair abnormalities in my hairdressing salon.
A year and a half ago I met White Orchid and Elena Busto, my salon took an important turn and I am very grateful to Elena and especially to the product she has created. It was trying it and liking it, but time makes me like it more every day.
The medium-long term results are impressive.
With White Orchid, 90% of the salon's needs in terms of washing and treating hair and scalp are covered with only 6 products.”
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