Elena Busto y White Orchid, la marca cosmética capilar del futuro. Parte II.

Elena Busto and White Orchid, the hair cosmetic brand of the future. Part II.

The cosmetic line Elena Busto | Essential Beauty proposes a new concept of beauty, a quantum leap into the future.
Very innovative products that connect with the ancestral, that transport us “home”, to our privacy, to the depths of our interior.
Which situates us, on the one hand, in the future, in something that now seems novel, and, on the other, in the ancestral, at “home”, in the intimate, the recognizable, what we all carry inside.
In the previous post,which you can read here , we talked about the qualitative excellence of an Essential Oil that comes from "well-cultivated" plants: in rich soil, with pure seeds, never transgenic, and respecting their cycles, which does not receive pesticides or herbicides or any other harmful toxic product.
Due to the origin and care of these plants, we know and guarantee with full guarantee that they are of optimum quality.
It is also true that plants cultivated in this way, naturally, are never the same, because natural phenomena continually alter their composition.
For example, excess or lack of rain make a plant more or less woody, more or less exposure to the sun will vary flowering and thus many factors that influence the growth and development of plants.
You have probably read this warning on a product:
"The brand is not responsible for changes in appearance that the product may suffer from one manufacture to another."
Well yes, when using natural substances, even with the same formula, the final product varies in texture, smell and color in the different manufactures.
This natural circumstance may pose a problem to market the product and requires explanations for the peace of mind of the client, but, in reality, that is its great wealth and its intrinsic value , because the plants are cultivated, collected and treated in an artisan or even artistic way. .
What is never devalued is the extraordinary quality of a product with that raw material made in that way.

This is the magic of our products:

they are completely natural, the selection of the raw material and the elaboration are done with care and affection, but also with the utmost professionalism and seriousness.

White Orchid products are so rich in ingredients that there is a lot to tell.
We have already talked about what Virginia cedar essential oil brings to the Revital Raw shampoo formula : it prevents, repairs and eliminates hair loss .
Today we deal with the extracts of our formulas. What really sets them apart is that they are made in our laboratory, and since we don't buy anything ready-made, we guarantee their quality and qualities.
Take, for example, the black currant leaf extract in Nutri Plus Raw shampoo.
Once we have seen the quality of the plant due to the care it receives from the plantation and how we get its extract, it is time to learn about its properties and why they are included in our nourishing shampoo. (1)
Blackcurrant leaf extract is rich in tannic (antioxidant), linoleic (omega 6) and linolenic (omega 3) acids, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamins B2, B5 and C...
All these properties bring benefits to the formula. And we are only talking about one of the plants present in that formula.
In addition, it is a magnificent natural antihistamine, which soothes and reduces inflammation of the scalp and itching.
The components of our shampoo stimulate blood supply to the capillaries and help the hair follicle receive the vitamins and trace elements that nourish it.

The plant kingdom is fascinating and that is how we consider it in

Elena Busto , that's why our formulas are fascinating.

In this blog we share our brand values, our “ savoir faire ”.
Later we will talk about our great VALUE. But first we want to explain how we choose the plants so that their active principles form the wonderful melody of our formulas.
And then we'll talk about the other great ingredient that sets our formulas apart even more: THE FLORAL ESSENCE.
This is the new cosmetics, the hair cosmetics of the future, the cosmetics that are already here for you.
Author cosmetics, 100% natural and eco.
Prestige brand and high quality.
“I have been using the excellent products from the White Orchid line created by Elena Busto, since July 2019.
The composition of the products is a complete success and the results are immediately perceived in the hair and scalp.
The vision and philosophy of this ecological line found its place spontaneously in my professional space.
These products bring real added value to my work as a hairdresser and my clients immediately accepted the line.“
Brussels, Belgium
(1) Here I want to clarify the difference between hydration and nutrition. Hydration provides water, moisture and nutrition provides nutrients, feeds.
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