La puerta de entrada a nuestro interior, la piel.

The gateway to our interior, the skin.

The skin expresses affection: "I have it on the surface of the skin", "I feel raw", "it's a matter of skin", "it gives me goosebumps", "it makes my skin crawl"
The skin is the door that gives entrance from the exterior to our interior and exit from our interior to the exterior; the skin unites and separates at the same time.
Through the skin we feel the tickling or rejection that people and things cause us. That is, the skin is a barometer of our emotions .

If we learn to interpret their language,

We will get to know each other in greater depth.

Many affective needs call for contact: "I need to feel it on the skin."
When a baby is born, skin-to-skin contact is critical both physically and emotionally to:
  • heart rate
  • The breathing
  • Temperature
  • The calm
  • The digestion
  • Building bonds and affections
  • The feeling of love and security
  • The reduction of apneas and sudden death
  • Decreased risk of infections (especially with breastfeeding)
  • metabolic adaptation
  • The reduction of personal aggressiveness
And these are just some of the beneficial reactions for the baby that are linked to skin-to-skin contact. There are many more.
Therefore, the skin, the largest organ in our body, the skin that we inhabit, needs extraordinary care so that it is at its best. 
For its external care , in addition to the caresses that we give and receive, we have to provide it with noble substances, coming from Mother Nature. Nothing that hurts you. Only add to your well-being.

This is precisely what hair cosmetics offers

Elena Busto – Essential Beauty .

Its formulas are made with elements from the plant kingdom, which keeps the skin in perfect balance , and elements from the floral kingdom, which complete the caresses when we receive them and also when we haven't enjoyed them for a long time.
Living beings are pure vibrational energy and, when some reason leads us to disharmony, contact with nature, which is always in the right place, helps us to recover the precise harmony and balance.

This is the hair cosmetics of the future that our products have brought to the present.

Hundreds of people have already tested them, they have tried them, they have personally confirmed the improvements they bring them and they have recovered their beauty, self-esteem and inner power, that is, they have connected with themselves thanks to the balance that our products return.
We are all concerned about how others see us, what image we give, because the skin expresses that concern, it reflects our way of being before others and the need to be accepted.
When we are touched, symbolically we feel accepted and, on the contrary, without contact, we feel rejected.
For this reason, people who use White Orchid suddenly feel safe , because the strength of our formulas connects them with their inner strength, and that is reflected almost automatically on the outside.
The skin improves, the hair shines, recovers volume, stops falling, has movement and elasticity. It could be said that our skin and our hair smile at the wind.

White Orchid is a line designed to protect, provide, balance, and redirect hair and scalp to their optimal natural state for good hair health.

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