¿Por qué últimamente se me cae más el pelo?

Why has my hair been falling out more lately?

It is estimated that about 100 hairs fall out a day in a healthy person, but they are also continually renewed.
It is from there, and it is not about counting them clearly, when it can be considered that the fall may be excessive.
There is a cause that is very common in many people, yes, we are talking about stress, excessive worry, in short, an altered emotional state. 
Without going into medical issues, which is not my thing, we can tell what is more than proven evidence.
This altered state creates tension throughout the body, and, of course, in the head, in the scalp.
Imagine all those hairs that are on tense, taut skin, what's wrong with them? Well, they suffocate, that tension prevents them from growing and having the movement that would be natural. And of course, they die and fall.
For this reason, one of the first solutions that comes to mind, never better said, is to relax and help that scalp to have its natural tension.
Of course, any help that we provide ourselves at a general level, such as breathing, walking through nature, etc..., will have a positive impact on the scalp and on the final state of the hair.
But here we are going to focus on the aid that we can offer directly to our skin on the head.
  • As a first tip, massage the scalp with your fingertips, exerting some pressure, moving the skin well, but without rubbing.

Treat yourself to a moment, close your eyes and feel that massage, feel how the circulation is reactivated and how the area relaxes. You can do this at any time, without any product if you're not going to wash your hair later, or with a bit of No Frizz , our softener* on your hands to help your fingers glide better. You can also practice it at the time of washing.

With all the lather from the shampoo*, do that massage and spend a few seconds, the more the better, by the way, you leave more space for the active ingredients of the shampoo* to penetrate a little more and act. Our two shampoos are going to help a lot thanks to their common ingredient, maple syrup, which directly affects this problem.

  • Our second advice has to do with how to comb our hair when detangling. If you have a mane, you should go from the bottom up. If you do it the other way around, as it is normally done, when you untangle you are actually breaking the hair. And it is convenient to use utensils that are as natural as possible, so as not to generate static electricity.
  • And already in third place, the products. Of course, avoid any product that is not totally natural and organic as much as possible. Plants and flowers are our allies to treat this type of alterations.

Another cause of hair loss is usually related to excess sebum or fat. This type of problem usually creates alterations that can be more serious, such as seborrhea, fungal dandruff, which of course remains on the skin, once again preventing the growth and natural movement of the hair, making it fall.
What is needed here is to help regulate our skin to find its balance. We are never going to eliminate that manifestation of the problem, we do not patch, because then the relief is temporary. What we want is a healthy scalp so that hair grows vigorous, shiny and strong.
Of course, any internal help, monitoring food that may be favoring this, etc... is welcome.
But once again, we can ensure that the active principles of plants such as nasturtium, witch hazel, cedar, laurel, among others, help restore that balance that self-regulates excessive secretion. It is about naturally and almost automatically being able to contribute what is necessary to neutralize excesses and feed deficiencies.
In this moment that we have been living for almost two years, it has also been observed that there is a significant percentage of people who, after having suffered from Covid, have experienced hair loss . According to research from universities in the USA, Mexico and Sweden, carried out on 48,000 patients, among the five most frequent post-covid symptoms, hair loss is 25%.
Our recommendation in these cases, go to a good health professional to help reinforce a good diet and perhaps supplementation so that the body recovers its tone.
And externally, of course, banish any product that is going to patch, that is going to give us a momentary solution. Go to natural products as we have recommended so far.
To all these recommendations, we add the one that we have left for the end , and that for us, is the one that rounds off any treatment, putting the icing on the cake. We are talking about Bach Flowers, flower essences in general.
Essences that are going to collaborate actively to that vital well-being that we need so much. They are going to “rescue” the hair.
Human beings, like other beings, are vibration, this is already more than proven. Flower essences are resonance, they are vibration. That is why they are our allies, they will accompany us to recover our natural resonance, to rearrange ourselves to vibrate in the natural harmony that we are.

We advise you, essential beauty and hair cosmetics 100% ECO Elena Busto.

A range designed to restore the balance of hair and scalp.

Organic and brimming with active ingredients and Bach flowers, which uses the ancestral wisdom of nature to fuse, in perfect harmony, the plants and flower essences that it offers us.

Our two shampoos are going to help a lot thanks to their common ingredient, maple syrup, which directly affects this problem.
Treat yourself to a moment, close your eyes, and give yourself a scalp massage, feel that massage, feel how the circulation is reactivated and how the area relaxes. The trick, put a little No Frizz , our softener* on your hands to help your fingers glide better
And our star product for everything mentioned above, is undoubtedly the Dynamic , an excellent and unique hair tonic.

Elena Busto, expert in natural beauty and essential eco.
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