Cómo proteger el cabello del sol

How to protect hair from the sun

How to protect hair from the sun!!

Summer is the season that most of us enjoy a lot, because there are always exceptions.

Are you from the beach or the mountains? Maybe you haven't left your city, it doesn't matter, in summer we are always more exposed to the sun.

And the sun, although many voices say that it is harmful and must be avoided, the sun is life, a source of energy and health. There are also those who say that vitamin D is formed from cholesterol while sunbathing, and that it helps prevent the proliferation of disordered cells, that is, to prevent the development of tumors. But we're not going to talk about that now.


Of course, like everything in life, the sun must be taken with common sense: better in motion and during the first or last hours of the day, never in the central hours.

At EB , we believe that sunscreens for hair are not necessary, nor of course chemicals, but neither are physical or mineral filters. With that we would add waste to the sea, river, lake, or even to swimming pools.


The best protection for hair, a cap or a hat.

But, if we want to protect our hair and scalp more, nature, as always, comes to the rescue.

Does anyone believe that the plants with which the most protective vegetable butters and oils are made are born in tropical places, with intense sun, by chance?


At EB we do not believe in coincidences, but in causality.


There are many plants that come to the rescue in tinctures with a protective action.


Several of EB 's White Orchid products , They are made with good allies to care for, protect, hydrate and nourish the hair. If you try them this summer, we guarantee that, in September, or after summer, you will have hair as if it had not suffered the effects of heat, saltpeter, water or the sun.

oh! and everything is biodegradable.


These are the plants that EB incorporates into the White Orchid range:

butcher's broom root Provides plasticity to the hair, thickens it and protects it from external thermal agents. In Dynamic Raw

tepezcohuite Antioxidant action , maintains the structure of the hair and protects it from any thermal aggression . In Dynamic Raw

Horse tail Rich in tannins, it provides flexibility and firmness, defending hair from intense heat. In Dynamic Raw

greater plantain Promotes the synthesis of melanin, while defending your hair from the damaging effects of excess radiation. In Dynamic Raw

And these are the oils and butters, which protect, repair, maintain hydration, and prevent dryness and breakage of the hair fiber:

  • Coconut oil, rich in vitamin E, its sun protection is calculated at 15%, it prevents hair from breaking.
  • Avocado oil , rich in vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants. Excellent protector against UV rays. No Frizz Raw 
  • Castor oil , protects the skin barrier and creates a protective film on the hair fiber. No Frizz Raw
  • Safflower oil , rich in vitamin E, prevents flaking and maintains the optimum degree of moisture in the hair. No Frizz Raw
  • Cocoa butter , contains vitamin E and a large load of antioxidants, its protective action against sun rays is well known. No Raw Frizz and Kashmir.
  • Mango butter , together with coconut oil, achieves a good sun protection index. Avoid dehydration of the scalp. Kashmir
  • Shea butter , coats the hair with a fine layer that protects it while preserving the moisture and softness of the hair. Thermal protection. In Kashmir.

Now that you know the ingredients of the White Orchid range, surely you do not hesitate to use the products before, during and after exposing yourself to the sun.


Our family likes summer, so today we want to close with this quote from Victor Hugo:

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter away from the human face."

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