¿Qué tiene de especial y de diferente White Orchid?

What is special and different about White Orchid?

If I say "natural" it is understood, of course it is, but when you type that word into Google, do you know how many results appear? Unimaginable, a whopping 6,350,000,000.
For this reason, today, to say that a product is natural is to say very little, because anything goes.

Our products are natural, of course, but they are so much more.

Let's see:
«Natural» : Said of a tree or a plant, which still retains some sap, as opposed to dry. (Third meaning, RAE Dictionary.)
"Ecological" : Said of a product or an activity that is not harmful to the environment. (Third meaning, RAE Dictionary.)
Raw : English term meaning "raw", "alive". The Raw movement , although more focused on food, promotes a return to the origins, to life without "additives", to the natural life of "living" beings.
These are the three words that define White Orchid products . All the products in this hair line are natural, organic in a very high percentage, and alive.
The term "natural" : the extracts in the composition of the White Orchid products do not contain sap, of course, but they are loaded with all the power of the plants , because we make them by hand, extracting all their active ingredients.
This is one of the characteristics that sets us apart from most brands on the market, which buy industrially produced extracts and lose many of their benefits in the process.
The term "ecological" : all our vegetable raw materials are organic, although in some cases there is no certification. And we can guarantee it because we know how our suppliers cultivate and treat the land, with the utmost respect for natural cycles.
The term " raw" , in addition to being our hallmark, defines another of the important differences with respect to most brands. White Orchid products are classified as raw cosmetics , because they are made from live ingredients .
But another big difference! The elaboration process culminates with the incorporation into the formula of flower essences: Bach flowers and other flower systems.

White Orchid products are made with living ingredients and flower essences.

I like to offer this explanation with a musical metaphor:
An orchestra fuses the ingredients of the vegetable kingdom as if they were the sounds produced by its musical instruments.
Extracts of Ginkgo Biloba, eleutherococcus and marjoram are mixed with licorice, mallow, lemon balm, fused with avocado and castor vegetable oils, and, to that wonderful melody, the notes of green lime and palmarosa essential oils are incorporated... The The result is a product in perfect harmony .
And when the vibrato of a voice is added to that harmonic melody, the result is completed to the point of delight. This is what happens when uniting the vegetable kingdom with the floral kingdom: a wonderful melody is added to a resonance, the work is completed and the masterpiece emerges.

Eco natural hair cosmetics,

with flower essences.

The revolution in the world

of beauty!

Health, well-being and beauty merged thanks to nature.
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