Te cuento quién plantó la semilla de mi pasión.

I tell you who planted the seed of my passion.

When I was little, I loved having long hair. I remember that every time my mother took me to the hairdresser, almost forced, "to cut the ends", as she said, it was a real drama. As little as they cut me, it seemed like an exaggeration and I left crying. Yeah, yeah, no kidding, I was crying because my hair had been cut. That was one of the things I didn't like about my mother.
However, there is another one that I remember with real pleasure, with real affection, when I brushed my hair delicately so as not to pull when trying to untangle it.

On this date of Mother's Day, through these lines, I thank my mother for her dedication and care so that she had impeccable, beautiful, shiny, well-groomed and healthy hair. 

Who knows, maybe that mime planted the seed of my passion: caring for hair naturally and looking for beauty in everything I do.

Celebrating Mother's Day is honoring the mother as the giver of life. Diving on the internet, I discover that the Egyptians already honored the Great Mother Goddess, Isis. The Greeks celebrated spring with celebrations in honor of Rhea, goddess of fertility and motherhood. The Romans honored Cibeles, goddess of mother earth and symbol of fertility.
We see that this tradition is not something new, it comes from far back.
Today, most of us take advantage of this day to thank our mothers for their dedication and unconditional love, I think many of us will agree that a mother's love is something very special.
When I first approached the world of family constellations, I understood the importance of healing the relationship with the mother, even if she is no longer in this world, it is something necessary to continue walking successfully in life.

Bert Hellinger, creator of family constellations, says: "All success has the face of the mother. […] After our birth, the next decisive event is the movement towards the mother, now as an opposite, who takes us to her breast and nourishes us. With her milk we take life out of her».

For me, having reconciled with her, understanding her, respecting her and coming to love her with a sincere feeling is what allows me to thank her for life.

That's why I celebrate Mother's Day, honor her and give her my love.
If you also want to give your mother a nice gift, any of our White Orchid hair products are pampering for her hair, a ritual for her moment, in memory of those brushings that my mother gave me when I was a child.

White Orchid is a line designed to protect, provide, balance, and redirect hair and scalp to their optimal natural state for good hair health.

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