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Care Fix Raw Spray 200ml

Care Fix Raw Spray 200ml

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Hair fixing lacquer, Medium hold styling product, with a "dry" effect , regenerating and without residue that also provides a lot of shine. For all types of hair.

Bach Flowers contribute to vital well-being.

The flower essences in this fixer create a great feeling of lightness in the hair, making it a unique hair product that is different from any other.

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Hairsprays cause a uniform structure in the hair and the hair behaves like a single club, which puts a lot of stress on the scalp. The wise choice of the plants that make up this lacquer manages to avoid this effect. Care Fix provides good hold and keeps hair light and flexible , without a sticky feeling, leaves no residue on the hair and preserves its natural movement. The tannins fix the hair and maintain its natural color, giving it light golden hues. Thanks to its antioxidant and thermoprotective power, Care Fix protects the hair throughout the day from free radicals and harmful external agents, prevents its deterioration and maintains the hairstyle. It also protects from the heat of irons and dryers.

The masterful formula of this fixative provides a plastic modeling armor to the hair, with a crystalline finish , without the characteristic sticky effect of lacquers. The hair is shown with a firm, vibrant and natural finish, with a vivid, luminous and brilliant color.
The lacquer has a special woody aroma , far removed from that offered by other more traditional lacquers.

The flower essences in this fixer create a great feeling of lightness in the hair, making it a unique hair product that is different from any other.


-Fixing the hairstyle without staining

-Hair protected, antioxidant

-Bright reflections and nuances

-Sensation of lightness

-Spectacular shine

-Lightweight appearance, without weighing it down

How to use


Spray on dry hair with circular movements at a distance of 30cm. Finishing product. professional use.
Note: This lacquer does not contain gas, therefore a distance of 30cm must be maintained to avoid product overload.

INCI Ingredients

Alcohol*, Colophonium, Arnica Montana Flower Extract*, Styrax Benzoin Gum, Aqua, Mimosa Tenuiflora Bark Extract, Cinnamomum Camphora Linalooliferum Wood Oil*, Cupressus Sempervirens Oil*, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil*, Juniperus Virginiana Wood Oil, Juglans Regia Flower Extract, Centaurium Umbellatum Flower Extract, Viscum Album Flower Extract, Linalool**, Limonene**.

*Ecological ingredient.
**Naturally contained in essential oils.



-HÔ wood


-Virginia cedar

flower essences

Walnut, Centaury and Mistletoe

The Flower Essences contained in these formulas provide vitality and combine all the active principles of the natural ingredients. These essences alleviate the feeling of tension on the scalp typical of hairsprays and lighten, without intervening in the desired fixation. They help keep hair clean for much longer.



-Arnica Montana


-Sumatra Benzoin

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sofia Tros from Ilarduya
Much more than a lacquer

The result of Care Fix on the hair is truly spectacular. When I apply the product, my hair gets volume and hold, but it's not weighed down, it's loose, shiny and has a lovely healthy look. And the next day, the hair does not seem dirty or greasy, it is there to show it off again.

Conxita Munne Ruiz
Every day more grateful to these products

Following the clear and simple guidelines on how to use the products, extraordinary results are obtained. I have very fine hair and I attest that the results are clearly visible. We already know that everyone is different, but honestly when a product is good our body knows how to appreciate it and the results end up being seen, yes or yes. If this review can help someone who has questions, my advice is to give them a try.

Products Elena Bust

I use the entire range of products, the smell is super pleasant and without a doubt my hair has improved in texture, I have recovered the healthy appearance that I had lost.

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